Center for Bosnian StudiesThe Center for Bosnian Studies has begun the work of preserving the stories and experiences of Bosnians living in diaspora, but there is still so much work to be done.

What can we do with your support?


First, we can build a bigger and more representative archive of survivor stories. We need to connect with more members of the Bosnian diaspora in different communities and record their stories. This takes time and staff who can speak to elderly survivors in their own language. Every story brings new complexities and nuances to this collective history and narrative, which will inform and sustain future generations and help counter division and hate.


Second, we can educate Bosnian diaspora communities about the importance of documenting their experiences and preserving physical objects that are part of their history. For this, we need to organize community-archiving events, with equipment on hand to receive and preserve photographs, documents, and other cultural artifacts shared by members of the diaspora. 


Third, we can support the discovery of new knowledge about genocide and forced displacement and educate a younger generation about justice and tolerance in the real world. This means helping fund research scholarship and academic courses, both at the university and high school level, particularly in areas with high diaspora concentrations.


Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

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